My life has remarkable worth.

I am an individual created for a grand purpose. Which I get to do every day if I am willing to own it. I have to be me I am the only one of me. I am the only one in this world who can do what I am called to do.

Some people love and care about me more than they can express. My family, my friends, and my colleagues think highly of me. Even if we fail to see eye to eye at times, they still have great respect for me as I do for them.
Even when I feel overlooked by others, I am still valuable, and it is up to me to determine my value. Many people notice my work, and those people may never get the chance to tell me and that is ok. Life moves fast and some people simply don’t take the time or know-how to tell me that they notice my work.

My worth lies in my view of myself.

When I acknowledge that I was created and designed for a noble purpose, my confidence grows. My destiny is just waiting for me to fulfill it. There are amazing things in my future, which I chose to work hard to attain.

I refuse to allow discouragement to rob me of my destiny and purposes.

I am a part of this grand plan and this journey that is called life. Even when it is
hard for me to see my worth, I know that I am valuable. Each morning, I turn the page of my past and embrace the new chance to make a change.
Today, I choose to see myself as a chest filled with treasure. I have more beauty than diamonds and more worth than gold.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Do I ever feel invisible?
2. Do I acknowledge my worth?
3. Why does my life matter? To whom does my life matter?