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What do all world-class athletes, artists, and business executives have in common? They have a coach in their corner.
No matter what area of life you want to change investing in a coach is one of the best ways to help you perform at your peak and achieve the results you haven't been able to reach on your own.

Are You Coachable?

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SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

Need help setting realistic goals?
the best way to move your life forward is to set goals

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Emotional intelligence: The key to a happy relationship
Emotional intelligence affects your relationship in so many ways! Use this worksheet to build your emotional intelligence. Your romantic partner will be pleasantly surprised by the difference!

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Calming Anger Effectively

We all learn how to calm ourselves when we are growing up.
we devlope skills and habits for our lives than our lives change and the skills and habits don't.

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Stop Living Life as a Victim Worksheet

If you’re currently haunted by hurtful experiences from the past and plagued with feelings of helplessness, negativity, and self-doubt, you may be living your life as if you’re a victim of your circumstances.

This worksheet is designed to help you identify if you’re living as a victim, and to learn new ways to live with consciousness and purpose. You can choose to be a survivor, starting now.

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Take Control of Your Finances With A 30-Day, Step-by-Step Plan Worksheet

Answering these questions will increase your understanding of your financial situation and help you make plans for a secure future:

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Maintaining a healthy work-life balance protects you from burnout and increases your productivity. Setting reasonable boundaries gives you time and energy to devote to your relationships and other personal activities.

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Daily Habit
Take some time to reflect on your daily habits. Using the list below, write down some of your daily habits
and then write down how often you perform these tasks in a given week

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Complete this worksheet to help you apply these self-compassion concepts to your
own life. Imagine living your best life and learn how to apply it by thinking about
and thoughtfully answering the questions that follow. By continuing this practice,
you will find greater feelings of self-love and empowerment.

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Monthly Goal Progress Chart

For each month, put a dot at your percent for the month. Connect the dots to see your progress.

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Daily Goal Progress Chart

For each day, put a dot at your percent for the month so far. Connect the dots to see your progress.

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Worksheet Anxiety Journal
It can be helpful to keep a log of your thoughts and feelings. Complete the following each day. Bring this to your sessions so we can discuss your progress.

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