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  • All about financing

    Credit is a vital part of our way of life. For this reason, it’s necessary to learn exactly how to maneuver through
    all of the possible credit options available to you. However, simply jumping into the vast realm of credit without any background knowledge isn’t a smart idea – it’s a rather ill-advised move,

  • beating worry and anxiety



    Anxiety is a major cause of many emotional and physical ailments. Anxiety and worry are a major cause of unhappiness and poor health. Anxiety is also incredibly common. Everyone worries from time to time.

  • Breakthrough you

    At some point, we all get to a point in our lives when we say, “Enough is enough.” We decide to change everything at once. We spend a weekend planning all the changes we’re going to make:
    ✓ We create lists.
    ✓ We create schedules.
    ✓ We’re determined.

  • conquer your money block Ebook

    What are money blocks? Money blocks are beliefs and behaviors that limit your ability to earn and/or keep money.

  • ultimate guide to remote work
    eBook The ultimate guide to remote work

    Remote work is a gift. You just need to know how to use the gift. Using the techniques and strategies in this eBook will help you make the
    most of working from home, so you can both excel in your work and enjoy your downtime too.

  • How to stop living paycheck to paycheck ebook


    Most people, as Henry David Thoreau said, “Lead lives of quiet desperation.” The fact is many folks earning what looks like a comfortable income still live paycheck to paycheck. They’re one setback away from financial disaster – and they know it. Does this describe you?


    It can take a bit of work to uncover the truth, but it’s within you. It’s waiting to be unearthed and utilized. Living a life that’s congruent with your purpose will allow you to start each day with a smile, hope, and a plan. It’s a tool for connecting with something meaningful outside yourself. Everyone has a different “why”. The trick is to determine the “why” that fits your values and talents.

    Ebook & worksheet     


  • top 5 money mistakes

    According to financial experts, most of us tend to make several major financial mistakes that hold us back.  If you could just avoid those mistakes, think about how much easier your life would be! You could sail on the wings of financial success instead of feeling like you’re wallowing in the mire.