Own every hour

Own every hour


You may end up biting fingers of regret years later when you sit and reminisce on how you could have made the most out of every day, but you didn’t. As living beings, we must see each day as a cherished gift. Whenever you wake up to see another beautiful day, look at the potential that lies therein and the amazing discoveries and adventures that await. Don’t forget that many people don’t get many days as others do and since you have today and probably more days, it will cost you no harm if you start valuing and appreciating each day.


Own every hour is a program designed to show you the power of owning every hour of your life now that’s not to say that you have to have something on your schedule every single hour that would be overwhelming and unrealistic it just means that you take responsibility and ownership of those hours of your life. Time is the most valuable asset that we have we can never get more time this program includes 10 one-hour sessions with me a certified life coach over 10 weeks with the first session week one will be an onboarding and the following weeks will require that you spend about 4 hr of time with reading a module and doing the worksheet which we will review in following sessions. We will be covering topics like overcoming negative self-talk, motivation, overcoming fear of failure, setting goals, time management, ways to stop procrastinating


According to Booker T. Washington, it’s the small things we do that help the most to shape our success in life and not necessarily the large things. Reflecting on this should tell us that we can make a huge impact on our lives when we’re committed to making little, necessary changes. The way we choose to spend each day largely determines the kind of life we choose to live. All the things we do in a day, and the next, and the other days to come, sum up to give results of how our believes become. Due to this, it’s very vital that we put in enough effort to make every day count beyond just “trying to survive and exist”.


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