I have a unique life. I have a full-time job as a carpenter, and I own my own business as a certified life coach. My job allows me the opportunity to experience many of the challenges life can and does give us to learn and grow.   My habits determine the quality of life I enjoy. Poor habits lead to poor outcomes. Positive habits bring positive results. By adding positive habits and eliminating poor habits, I can expect to live a fuller and happier life.

I view poor habits as limitations. One of my poor habits that I had was avoiding taking control of my finances for the fear of being judged by other that my finances were out of control. I took control of my finances by asking for help and learning more about myself and the limits that i had with creating and using budgets. The poor habit created a poor quality of life for me because I was always working form a deficit. Being aware of your poor habits allows you to diminish them so that you can replace them with positive ones.  I do my best to minimize my bad habits. This makes it easier to instill good habits and create a positive future. Poor habits can be stubborn, but I am very persistent. I can overcome any poor habit.

I work at installing positive habits. I had to rewrite the story and think of my budget as a spending plan. It started the process of taking control of my financial destiny. I took ownership of it: I made the phone calls that I had to, setup payments, and I know where every dollar goes.  I know that good habits create a wonderful life. The things I do each day matter down the road. My future is limitless if I create habits that support my efforts. New habits can be challenging to create, but I have the commitment to persevere.

About 5 years ago I realized that my poor quality of life was only temporary and that I had the power to change it . When my life is challenging, and it is daily, I examine my habits and make the necessary changes. I am comfortable adding positive habits or deleting poor habits. I make these changes constantly and I choose to keep reminding myself in order for the new positive habit to take hold.

The most powerful way for me to stay focused on the positive habits is to remember my purpose, which is “To leave everyone with a positive experience so that they can have the life they truly want, there by changing the world.” It is what moves me to do everything I do. Today, my resolve to develop positive habits and drop poor habits is higher than ever. I choose to make constructive changes in my behavior. I can change my future through my habits. My habits control my destiny. Habits are one of the most powerful forces in the universe. I choose to harness this force.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1.     What are my three most destructive habits?
2.     What are my three most effective habits?
3.     What would be the best habit I could add to my life? Which habit would be the best to drop?