If you are seeking success in your life, you will need to learn how to take positive action every day to accomplish your goals.  After all, doing the least amount of work will likely lead to mediocre results.  So instead, put your actions into overdrive and make the most of your efforts.  You can truly make every action you take a positive one that builds momentum and propels you forward.  You will feel better about what you are doing and your gusto for life will inspire those around you.
Turning positive actions into a positive life
When you put your best foot forward in all that you do, you will develop an intense passion that will be unmatched.  Sometimes you may feel like sitting back and doing as little as possible, but you will enjoy your life more when you are engaged in the things you love to do.
Life is more fulfilling when you are passionate about your work and family.   Even though it may seem challenging to look at everything with passionate and positive eyes, such an outlook is possible.  If you are unsure how you can summon more passion for a project or task, there is one tool that will help you build momentum by utilizing the power of a positive mindset.  So, what is it?  Positive affirmations.
What are affirmations all about?
Affirmations can help you take positive action by redefining how you think and feel.  These affirmations are positive statements that activate your mind and encourage you to push forward.  Once you implement affirmations into your life, negative self-defeating thoughts will be a thing of the past.
For instance, I sometimes get frustrated and start judging myself for the poor decisions I have made in my past while overlooking all the wonderful, positive things that I have attained through hard work and many trials.  I find it helpful to repeat positive affirmations such as, “Focus on today, know that this situation (whatever it may be) is temporary and I am on the path to accomplishing my goals.”  These positive affirmations help me remember that this is a journey, and to remember to be aware of the simple pleasures and gains I experience every day of my life.
If you need a positive thought, for example, you can say something like, “I infuse my mind, heart and spirit with past achievements, new ideas and a fresh attitude.”  Constantly repeating positive affirmations will help you create a positive outlook in just about any situation imaginable.
Positive affirmations allow you to set your goals, envision them and reaffirm them each time you state it.  This positive statement only needs to be something you desire for yourself.  Every morning as I start my day at 4:45 I tell myself that it is going to be a good day and that what I am doing is serving my purpose.  Through continuous repetition, I make it my reality.  After all, my words are powerful because they elicit emotions and inspire action.
Affirmations are generally very simple and can help you make lasting changes in your life.  Take one step at a time.  If you are having a hard time finding the motivation, try an affirmation such as, “I am building momentum with each step I take.”  If your actions are in alignment with your positive mindset, you will begin to see and feel results nearly instantly. Affirmations have the power to change the way you think and feel about yourself.  Using affirmations I have changed the way my life was from one of struggle to one of thriving. I have become happier, healthier and a more balanced individual.  I have put my actions into overdrive and accomplish more in less time. 

If words can move mountains, imagine what you will be able to do when your thoughts, attitude and actions are aligned.